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Ballet and Books is a national,
non-profit organization striving to
reduce the literacy gap through
the hybrid storytelling of
dance and reading.



of fourth-graders are proficient in reading in the U.S.¹

This is the literacy gap. The startling report from the National Assessment of Educational Progress revealed that only 35% of fourth-graders are proficient in reading in the United States. Conducted in 2019, the report is not yet reflective of the

even greater educational loss due to disruptions

caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Early intervention is critical to repairing this gap and

course-correcting for future generations.

¹ National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 2019.


Reduce the literacy gap through the combination of dance and reading.

Our Programming

A nationwide network of chapters provides cost-free programming for our participants.

Free Programming


College Mentors

Chapters are led by student volunteers from schools and universities across the country.

Innovative Curriculum 

Weekly lesson plans strengthen literacy skills, build confidence, and incite a passion for learning.


After group activities, students are paired with a college mentor to build on the core pillars of reading.


Curtain Call

Sessions commence in a final performance where friends and family celebrate the semester's work.

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We've helped nearly 900 children and student leaders since our founding and are on track to help over 100 more by the end of 2023.

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Meet the national team.

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